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Reusable and adaptable walls for exhibitions

Wien Museum Karlsplatz: Wien Museum NEU
Austria, Vienna (2023)

    • Wall type
      • slim
    • Variety of layouts
      • blind/shutter
    • Construction
      • single

The main building of the Vienna city museums, Wien Museum Karlsplatz, was designed and built in the late 1950s by architect Oswald Haerdtl. Since a couple of years now the building has been adapted and renovated by architects Certov, Winkler + Ruck with two main goals: first, to expand the spaces for permanent and temporary exhibits, and second, to completely renew the building's technology like climate control.

While the Wien Museum has been using free-standing kub2 walls for many years now, adaptable kub2 wall panels have been installed in the newly built floor for special exhibitions. We're looking forward to the opening of the Wien Museum NEU this December!

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