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Reusable and adaptable walls for exhibitions

Jüdisches Museum Franken: 5x Treumann – From Fürth to Amsterdam
Germany, Fürth (2020)

    • Wall type
      • free-standing
    • Variety of layouts
      • moveable with kub2-kit
    • Construction
      • clamshell

The JMF (Jewish Museum Franken) has three locations where it is sharing knowledge about jewish history and culture in southern Germany. The museum in Fürth is located in a former jewish residence, built in the beginning of the 18th century, where a permanent exhibition is on display. Additionally, there is an extension building, which was opened in 2018, offering space for temporary exhibits and events. With its adaptable and moveable kub2 walls the museum can always again easily adapt the architecture of the exhibitions.

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