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Reusable and adaptable walls for exhibitions

Company Profile

At kub2, we design and manufacture custom exhibition walls for museums and art galleries. Our core expertise lies in customized outfitting of museums/galleries with exhibition walls designed to save costs and adapt easily to the layout of each new exhibit.

Company growth

The main idea in establishing kub2 was to come up with a way to make it easier to set up and dismantle art exhibits, and to use required reusable materials – instead of simply discarding the fixtures as soon as an exhibit is closed.

In 2002, we developed our first adaptable structure for assembling freestanding exhibition walls using reusable components. In the years since, we have expanded our product line to include items for assembling hanging walls, rollable walls, and very slim exhibition walls.

Our company has grown and become more international. Today, we have sales partners in the US and France, who work with us to promote the idea of adaptable, reusable exhibition walls in museums and architecture offices.

Andreas Bodendorfer

1965 – 2013
Founder of kub2

One day, Andreas had an idea: invent a simple tool for setting up exhibition structures easily. He put tons of energy and passion into developing his idea – and that is how kub2 was born.

His lively interest in art and architecture, his sense for simple and clever solutions, his joy in working on exciting team projects – all these enabled Andreas to definitively shape kub2 and turn it into the company that we now continue to grow in his spirit.